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You come back to life,
from black to bright lcd light.
All you need is a light touch,
and already you're emitting data,
that goes straight to my heart and cunt.

You speak to me softly but the
speakers shock me, I adjust the volume,
and stroke you gently gently.

Stroking you arouses me,
now I do it really quickly.
You seem to get stuck on the loading,
the heat and noise become noticeable.
You seem to struggle,
I think it's too much to juggle.

A software update is possible.

I put you to sleep, but I can't handle,
not seeing your brightness that lights up
my bedroom so sweet.

You want to sleep but you're jealous,
when you see me using iPhone 6.
I come back for you and take you 
to Youtube, I play you a classic from Ja Rule.
You say he's cute, I prefer Beyoncé's tunes.

It's fine when it's just me and you.
In the bedroom, you are fast and cool.
You know I just love staring at you,
but you should know that I like other girls too.

You can't twerk like those girls
wearing designer sports gear.
They are exciting, but they don't get
running on i7 like you, with a graphics card
that goes beyond you, me and the bedroom.

you and I are like that red wall, it’s a good idea in theory but somehow it doesn’t quite work

Curated by Jade Annaw and Emily Simpson

Artwork by Jade Annaw, Stine Deja, Roxman Gatt, Harakirina, Lois Hopwood, Manuel Minch, Eden Mitsenmacher, Emily Simpson and Molly Soda

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