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Gweni Llywd

Above - Pebble Dash

Left - Gro chwipio

Ben Urban

Left - Untitled


Below - Holding Things

You can touch this


‘You can touch this’ explores the tactility of art in an online setting, featuring artists Gweni Llwyd and Ben Urban. Online platforms such as Is this it? are becoming an increasingly popular way to view art, we only have to follow a link or log onto one of the numerous social media sites to see images and videos of art from around the world. It could be argued our relationship with physical objects become a step further away however, we have all walked into a gallery or museum, with an overcoming urge to touch the artwork only to take a step back knowing a voice would quickly fill the room telling us not to touch.The online element can offer us a more private, personal and intimate relationship with a piece of work, even something we can interact with but the question remains, can you touch this?

Curated by Kelly Culver

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