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you had me at hello


Within (semi)borderless online platforms we relentlessly search for an agency which is fragile and mostly constructed, and we stretch the ideas of relationships in order to reconstruct ourselves virtually - we are at once both public and private. The work allows the ordinary to assert time, and demand space, in this constantly fast-paced arena we call online. Leading up to her exhibition, Eden Mitsenmacher has been contacting Rebecca Edwards through the forgotten medium of letter-writing. Waiting weeks for a message to arrive, allows the conversation to breathe; the words are sent with hope of being discovered and it is within this periphery that the act of sending information becomes futile, and where questions of being seen or never seen at all lie in a state of limbo. This idea of an estranged pen-pal continued over a week long period on isthisit? in the lead up to Eden's solo show at ArebyteLaser in London,  where both artist and curator will expose conversations, thoughts and feelings.

Curated by Rebecca Edwards

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