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Emily     Morton

As an artist Emily Morton is constantly developing as she discovers; expressing words, thoughts and emotions through visible marks and textures. The manipulation of fabric and materials has always intrigued her; as she finds there to be endless opportunities and ways to develop the process. Recently Emily Morton has been taking old traditional crafts and incorporating these methods into her work.

Emily Mortons time spent at the Cyprus College of Art has allowed her as an artist to gain more self-confidence and widen her knowledge. By mixing with fellow art lovers, silversmiths, potters, stone carvers and curators; she has gathered a much deeper understanding of the dynamics of the Art world. Emily Morton had no expectations of the college when arriving, only an open mind ready to spend the summer away from the ordinary, in a place where she could lose herself within my work. She found her time there to be extremely beneficial, producing lots of work and learning new crafts such as tapestry, pottery, lino printing and stone carving. 

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