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Concerned with the art of making, Su Nicholls practice centers around her response to place and to experience, where creativity is strongly connected to the state of mindfulness, and dislocation from the nature of modern life.

Working within the multiple disciplines of photography, sculpture, textiles, print and paint. Su Nicholls communicates her view of the world as she finds it.

In considering the notions of individual experience and perception, she hopes to confront the viewer with forms that can be both nurturing and unnerving.

I want to say cyprus is my retreat from everyday. Peace from the white noise of life!

Normal life ceases to exist, phones don't ring, like a side step off the treadmill.

I notice more, tune to my ears and eyes to see and hear more clearly.

The light fascinates me, ever-changing, gentle rustled by the sea breeze up the valley, not still for a many moments. 

Studio time to think and consider, make connections and let the creative right side run riot - sometimes moving from favoured monochrome and into full colour.


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