Ok so you're telling me . . . that it's too blurry? And dark?

And I need better lighting???

And color correction?


I mean, hey, whatever you say.

Ok ok ok ok

Hold on, ok, I got this. . .  


Bit better?

Tell me, Meaty, who makes these rules anyway?

What do you mean "it just sort of is"?

So you're saying, you should do it this way cause other people are doing it?

And you know people like pictures like this, 'cause it gets a lot of likes. I see.

Ok, yeah fine, I guess that is the goal of it all anyways. Weird that it seems like no one really makes these rules.

And I suppose that's just how you're meant to use Instagram right. What a nice reward system.

Weird ass rules . . . ya Meaties . . .

Anyways, i'm off to work and make more. Come back soon Meaty, check in on me from time to time will ya?

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