Homeslice (2018)

Curry (2018)

Cwtch (2019)

Lamb Burg (2017)

Pink Plum (2010)

Nutella Date (2019)

Naan Brother (2015)

So... whaddaya think? Pretty good right?

The first one was from Homeslice in the East. I think the second one was homemade Lo Shui.

I dunno, I think I'm getting pretty good at it. I think I've got a fresh perspective, being a bit smaller and all.

I've just been collecting them so far, wasn't sure I was gonna show anyone.

Kinda like a food journal, I guess, but I feel like I've got a good eye. 

But look at the shine on that tofu. Look at it. That shit is so fucking tight.

That chef at Sichuan Folk was a genius.

Not saying I'm going full veg yet, you know. More like a flexitarian right now.

But anything to save the environment right???

You get the idea? I think I can become a great food blogger. Or photographer.

No, yeah I know I can't eat any of these food. But I'm not here to eat, I'm here to share, Meaty.

Plus, I just wanted to keep track of the food I run into you see?? My memory's getting hazy . . . you know, old paperclip stuff you just have to accept at one point.

So you tell me, Meaty, what do you think?

Give me workable advice please, I know you've seen those big food blogs loads, I've been following your history.

I don't need any of that wishy-washy shit like oh make the vibe more like this, or more like that.

Go on . . . I know how to take criticism. . . Tell me like it is . . .