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Yeah over here!

Hi. Yes. Nice to see you. Finally.

I’ve been waiting for a Meathand to arrive. And look at you, yeah you’re pretty good looking too.

Sorry for the mess earlier, Meaty, I haven’t had time to clean up. I’m gonna call you Meaty, by the way. My house, my rules.

To be honest, it’s more of a comfort thing, you see. Like, reallllyy been enjoying my time off from the public eye. I've been finding myself.




So, sorry for the mess.

You know what, I’m sorry, that’s a little rude. I’m Clippit, but people call me Clippy.


Why Clippit? I have no fuckin’ idea, maybe cause I look like a paperclip.


But most people don’t really get the chance to choose their names either.

Hold on, it looks like you're typing something . . . .


Just kidding. Okay, I promise that’s the last of that joke I’ll make.

I guess people thought I was ‘being too helpful’ like it was my choice to be such a tryhard. But it’s not my fault, it’s coded in my genes!!!

Or coded…in my code . . .

Okay, that was the last one. But Meaty, listen, I just need some help my friend.

What? Where are we? We're at my home.

You ever heard of the liminal space . . . ? Well, this is it.






This is The Liminal Space.

Swanky name right? I had to move here since Kevan disowned me and called me annoying. Say it to my face, coward.

Anyways, I need some help, specifically from someone from 2019.

Long story short, I can’t do much with my fake metal finger, that’s why I called a Meathand down here.








Okay, I agree, this place isn’t the most comfortable.


I’ll take you to my headspace, make you millennial folks more comfortable.


[ H e a d s p a c e ]

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