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Knocks at the door gusyss...

had to ignore them.


Too deep (k)now.

I might have awoken something?

Used fire and focus.

Meditated on a flame for 3 hours,

that’s when the visions started again.

It burst through my consciousness like molten rock, through earths crust, the fire.. the heat... the fire.


It walks with me.

Kundalini rising through my spine. Oh ssserpent, oooh. The sun n’ moon combine. Dark moon, dragon’s tear on dark side. It cries for us, OH LORD. iT CRIES. 4 Uz.

The dove tries, it flies but the fire is too hot. It burns. No peace.

The lambs walk toward the light, toward the heat. 

They crave the flame, the fire. They will burn within it’s light.

A purification.

Urrgh.. guys. I Am. Fuck... I am// something/no-thing. All I see is fire. FIRE. HEAT. FIRE.

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