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I open the door, and step into paradise, an island.. need to rest.


This is taking it out of me, think I just need to lay back and smoke a cig, (thought I’d quit years ago.. maybe not). Is this even a cigarette?

Who knows?

Aaaahhh, this is thee loife. Calm persistent wave lapping, life in all it’s forms unfolds around me. Yet still there is dark energy here,

the sun cries, life grows from death.

The eternal cycle, life, eats itself and is reborn.

We must accept it.

I. Must accept it.

At least I feel peace here (wherever “here” is?). The office is far away now, excel spreadsheets and data entry a distant memory. That’s nice, really nice.. no cubicle, no glass and steel and monotany.

No office gossip, no dirty teaspoons in the sink.

Just lying down, staring up at the sky.

It’s blue, a resonant vibratory blue\\



I feel vibrations, something’s happening I can feel myself

Riseing, up up up..

this is Beautiful..



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