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i Sea, eye see!

The cogs, the clockwork, the infinite spinning intricacy of what underpins our “reality”. It. Is. Astounding.

How? did this come to BE? What force put this in motion?

I’m the up and the down, the playful juggle of the spheres, the precise mathematical decimal points that enable it ALL.

An endless detailed unfolding, onfolding, infolding, within and without itself.

I look out, and up.

THE stars, the STARS!

The explosive fusion of the elements coalescing to form... us. 2 from.. everyThinG. It’s all there.

An infinitude of precision and fractal jewellery being reborn unt unborn through/out itself in ever increasing complexity.

It’s almost too much. I feel tears of astonishment, of understanding.

As above So below

I must bellow, i must make use of this sacred knowledge.

My path is clear now, I need to embrace and use this divine wisdom bestowed upon my monkey being.


I am..

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