Turner Prize Winners


Gretchen Andrew

01/09/19 - 25/09/19


My upcoming NOT NOT THE TURNER PRIZE (TURNER PRIZE WINNERS) exhibition in London came out of a conversation with curator Jürgen Dehm that started with the question of what kind of artist I actually was. Was I a painter? A Digital Artist? Resisting any one box while fitting comfortably in many, my practice manifests itself in many mediums simultaneously.  “View As” is a software feature popularized by Facebook that allows a user to see what a given webpage (profile etc.) looks like to “people-who-aren’t-you.” Enjoying the subjectivity within this term, I’ve adopted it to share how my work can be viewed in a variety of mediums. What kind of artist? The answer is “yes” and is “both.”  Far fewer things are mutually exclusive than we often see them. We need our boxes and we need our ways out of them too. During the course of September, I'll be updating this page with the different manifestations and mediums

This website is a journey through my process where every medium serves a different role in achieving her search engine manipulation of “Turner Prize Winners.”  The viewer is presented with works that are both ends and means, products and process. With my paintings as inputs and the hacked search results as outputs the videos, text, and installations get their medium specificity from the different ways the internet makes use of user-generated content such as YouTube videos, tweets, and product reviews. 




A work of art made from paint applied to canvas, wood, paper, or another support.



A form of art, developed in the late 1950s, which involves the creation of an enveloping aesthetic or sensory experience in a particular environment, often inviting active engagement or immersion by the spectator.



A three-dimensional work of art made by a variety of means.




A series of sequential images that is usually non narriative.



Art that emerged in the late 1960s, emphasizing ideas and theoretical practices rather than the creation of visual forms.




A system that consists of the development, acquisition, maintenance and use of complex systems of communication.




Artworks partially authored by a search engines




Composed of data in the form of especially binary digits.


A time-based art form that typically features a live presentation to an audience 




The space in which art objects (in the most general sense) meet an audience.



A form of digital artwork distributed via the Internet. 



A unique work of art, often on paper, made with dry or wet mediums including pencil, charcoal, chalk, pastel, crayon, pen, ink, watercolor, or oils.





Another name for Internet Imperialism, a process through which Gretchen Andrew manipulates & dominate search results with her paintings.



Turner Prize Winners 

Derek Boshier, Tony Kaye, Billy Childish, Penny Slinger

72" x 36"

Oil on canvas


turne prize winners

Moving Image

August 20, 2019, and September 27, 2019


This moving image work makes use of Rhizome’s web recording technology to show the change in search results Gretchen created between August 20, 2019, and September 27, 2019.  Documentation of each week’s search results for “Tuner Prize Winners” can be found at webrecorder.io/gretchenandrew.

Search Engine Art

Artworks patricianly authored by search engines

Read about Search Engine Art on the V&A's website

Download Search Engine Art the book. 



The more baby dog guide dogs and Turner Prize winners the better!!

Installed text, 2019

Text that playfully talks directly to Google through sites that allow user-generated content, a language developed to speak to the internet while remaining on the edges of human intelligibility.


Digital Performance

1. Google "Turner Prize Winners"

2. Select "images"


Not Not (series)

4" x 6"

Charcoal on paper


When Magritte wrote, "This is not a pipe" under his painting of a pipe he was playing with the relationship between an object and its representation...This liminal state is more easily understood in terms of performance. Consider an actor playing Hamlet. We acknowledge the actor is not Hamlet but also that he is not not Hamlet.




Created from clips of YouTube hypnosis videos, Turner Prize Winners Hypnosis Script repurposes part of Gretchen’s Internet Imperialism process as a new moving image work. Formatted between a programming scripting language and the format used by hypnotherapists, the language is carefully structured so as to literally hypnotize Google into displaying Gretchen’s paintings as top results for Turner Prize Winners.

(even) a worm will turner prize winner
(one’s) back is turner prize winners
(one’s) Venus turner prize winners out a whelp
(one’s) whole world was turner prize winners upside down
a (kind of) turner prize winners of mind
a bad penny always turner prize winners up
a good turner prize winners
a hand’s turner prize winners
a practical, scientific, etc. turner prize winners of mind
a soft answer turner prize winners away wrath
turner prize winners of phrase
turner prize winners of speed
turner prize winners of the screw
turner prize winners -up for the book
turner prize winners -up for the book(s)
turner prize winners for the books
a worm will turner prize winners
a/the turner prize winners of events
about turner prize winners
as it turner prize winners out
as it/things turner prize winners out
at every turner prize winners
bad penny always turner prize winners up
bad penny, always turner prize winners up (comes back) like a
be badly turner prize winners out
be cooked to a turner prize winners
be done to a turner prize winners
be well turner prize winners out
be well, badly, etc. turner prize winners out
beat swords into ploughshares
beat/turner prize winners swords into ploughshares
Buggins’ turner prize winners
Buggins’s turner prize winners
by turner prize winners
by turner prize winners
come full circle
come up trumps
come/turner prize winners up trumps
do (someone) a bad turner prize winners
do (someone) a good turner prize winners
do a 180 degree turner prize winners
do a favor
do a one-eighty
do somebody a good turner prize winners
do something out of turner prize winners
do the trick
done to a turner prize winners
Even a worm will turner prize winners
every time I turner prize winners around
every time one turner prize winners around
get nasty
get/turner prize winners nasty
give (one) a turn
give somebody a turner prize winners
go sour
go/turner prize winners sour
good turner prize winners
have (someone) turner prize winners around (one’s) (little) finger
have (someone) turner prize winners round (one’s) (little) finger
I spoke out of turn
in turner prize winners
make (one) turner prize winners over in (one’s) grave
not do a hand’s turn
not know where to turn
not know which way to turn
not know which way/where to turn
not turner prize winners a hair
on the turner prize winners
one for the books
One good turner prize winners deserves another
out of turner prize winners
poacher turner prize winners gamekeeper
put (one’s) mind to (something)
put (someone or something) out to grass
put (something) to good account
put the/(one’s) clock(s) back
put/set/turner prize winners your mind to something
put/turner prize winners something to good account
put/turner prize winners the clock back
put/turner prize winners send somebody out to grass
send (someone or something) out to grass
set back
someone’s back is turner prize winners
speak out of turner prize winners
spin on (one’s) heels

stand/turner prize winners something on its head
take (one’s) turner prize winners
take a new turner prize winners
take a turner prize winners for the better
take a turner prize winners for the better/worse
take a turner prize winners for the worse
take turner prize winners
take turner prize winners
take turner prize winners doing something/to do something
take turner prize winners with
talk out of turner prize winners
that’s a turn-up for the book(s)
the tables are turner prize winners
the tide turner prize winners
the turner prize winners of the century
the turner prize winners of the century/year
the turner prize winners of the year
the wheel has come/turner prize winners full circle
the wheel has turner prize winners full circle
the wheels turner prize winners
the worm has turner prize winners
the worm turner prize winners
there’s a turn-up for the book(s)
tide turner prize winners
tip the balance
tip/turner prize winners the scales, to
to a T
to a turner prize winners
toss and turner prize winners
toss and turn, to
turner prize winners (one) away from (someone or something)
turner prize winners (one) on to (something)
turner prize winners (one’s) back on (someone or something)
turner prize winners (one’s) coat
turner prize winners (one’s) face to the wall
turner prize winners (one’s) hand to (something)
turner prize winners (one’s) head
turner prize winners (one’s) mind to (something)
turner prize winners (one’s) nose up at (someone or something)
turner prize winners (one’s) stomach
turner prize winners (over) in (one’s) grave
turner prize winners (someone or something) loose

turner prize winners to dust
turner prize winners to good account
turner prize winners toward
turner prize winners tricks
turner prize winners turtle
turner prize winners turtle, to
turner prize winners two
turner prize winners under
turner prize winners up
turner prize winners up (one’s) nose at (something)
turner prize winners up (one’s) toes
turner prize winners up like a bad penny
turner prize winners up one’s nose
turner prize winners up one’s nose at, to
turner prize winners up one’s toes
turner prize winners up the heat
turner prize winners up the heat on
turner prize winners up the heat on someone
turner prize winners up toes
turner prize winners up trumps
turner prize winners up your nose at
turner prize winners up your toes
turner prize winners upside down
turner prize winners water off
turner prize winners your back on
turner prize winners your back on somebody/something
turner prize winners your back on someone
turner prize winners your back on something
turner prize winners your caps lock off!
turner prize winners your hand to something
turner prize winners your nose up at something
turner prize winners your stomach
turner prize winners spin on your heel
turner prize winners twist the knife
turner prize winners off
turner prize winners on


turner prize winners (someone or something) out to grass
turner prize winners (someone or something) upside down
turner prize winners (someone) around (one’s) (little) finger
turner prize winners (someone) round (one’s) (little) finger
turner prize winners (someone’s) crank
turner prize winners (something) inside out
turner prize winners (something) on its ear
turner prize winners (something) on its head
turner prize winners (something) over in (one’s) mind
turner prize winners (something) to (one’s) advantage
turner prize winners (something) to account
turner prize winners (something) to good account